With our roots as a broadly diversified distributor, we are experts at sourcing, understanding channels of distribution, integrated business to business electronic communication and inventory management.


Integrated supply is an inventory, transaction and acquisition cost reduction process that shifts the responsibility of purchasing and maintaining MRO inventories from the customer to Koehler Welding and Supply and the supplier base.


Koehler has the personnel, technology, system, financial strength, experience and flexibility to assist customers in removing costs from the supply chain based on an analysis of the current operation. Among the primary services available through Koehler are data management, storeroom management, consulting, and full integration/supply chain management.


Koehler is capable of managing inventories and procuring the entire range of indirect MRO materials for our customers, including OEM spare parts management, parts to print, and general supplies through second tier suppliers in various commodities including Electrical, Mill Supplies, Fasteners, Janitorial, and much more. Koehler manages the entire procurement and inventory management process by directly placing purchase orders with any manufacturer or supplier required to fulfill the customer needs. Additionally, the Koehler software system has the capability to completely manage the MRO process, from end-user to supplier payment, in the most efficient manner while providing a variety of report formats and structure for proper management of the entire program.


Our skilled and experienced staff will produce cost savings and improve service to your facility. We can free up your resources so that you can focus on what you do best - manufacturing.